Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum: Leden Illustre Lieve Vrouwe Broederschap tot 1620


Convent list
Concise repertory of 700 Dutch medieval convents.

Het Digitaal Oorkondenboek van Noord-Brabant

Ecclesiological Society

De grafzerken van de Sint Jan te 's-Hertogenbosch

Graven op Internet - De Oude Kerk in Amsterdam

Grote Kerk Breda
The Grote Kerk in Breda, which has strong links with the Nassau family and houses a wealth of memorial paintings, sculptures, glass and tombs, is currently preparing an inventory with full descriptions of all the memorial floor slabs in the church. Visitors to the church can already consult the floor plan on two available computers in order to locate these slabs. The Breda project team has generously agreed to make photographs and data on the medieval memorial objects in the church available for incorporation in the MeMO database.

Hagiography Society

International Medieval Sermon Studies Society

Kloosterkleding in Beeld

An online database for pilgrimage-related artifacts.

Medieval Memoria Online
The official MeMO-project website.

Monasterium.Net (MOM)
The archives of central Europe document the medieval political, economic, and cultural development of the region.

Monasticon Trajectense
This website, which is hosted by the Faculty of Arts of VU University Amsterdam, contains extensive repertories on convents of a specific type in the medieval diocese of Utrecht. The convents in question applied the so-called Third Rule of Saint-Francis: their inhabitants were called tertiaries.

De Monumenta-handschriften van Aernout van Buchel
An online database in which three manuscripts of Aernout van Buchel are completely described.

Museum Catharijneconvent
Museum Catharijneconvent posseses a large number of memorial pieces in its collection, most of which can also be found in the database Memoria in Beeld.

Narrative sources
The Narrative Sources from the Medieval Low Countries.

Prayer and politics
This interactive website offers an introduction to the medieval commemoration of the dead (also called memoria) in the MariŽnpoel convent (near the Dutch town of Leiden). This convent existed from 1428 till 1572.

Representations of Jerusalem Pilgrims

A Dutch-Belgian contact group of scholars who examine medieval ecclesiastical and legal history.

St. Plechelmusbasiliek Oldenzaal
In 2009 the necrology of the Saint Plechelmus Basilica was published online, along with a study, a transcription, several registers and a translation.

Warwick Network for Parish Research

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